Small Group classes or individual lessons


Learning French as a “Parrot” doesn’t help, learning grammatical rules only is depressing. With French Link,  learning French is no longer “Mission impossible”. You will learn conversational French with French native teachers, knowing what you are saying and why!  During the classes you will  have plenty of opportunities to practise what you learned in that lesson but also what you learned in previous lessons.

Only two or possibly three Beginner,Intermediate , Refresher and Advanced small group French classes are available during the year. The next level is reached after each course of 3 months.  It is therefore possible for a beginner to reach an advanced level in less than a year.  It naturally depends on the effort made to study outside the class hours.

Individual lessons or Companion/family specials follow the same course structure. The flexibility and total individual attention is there to help enthusiatic students to reach each level in less than 3 months. Individual lesson hours are flexible.

The pure conversation course is normally followed by individuals.      It is rather difficult to bring together students having the same level therefore allowing pleasant and efficient conversation classes. The duration of the conversation course is unlimited. It is highly beneficial to persons that are already speaking well but who need to enrich their vocabulary and knowledge of  French expressions. This is also the way to learn familiar vocabulary and expressions that cannot be acquired at University. These words are normally indicated in dictionaries as fam and are frequently used in everyday language. The conversation method is unique to French Link.   Running short of conversation topics never happens! You will be suprised to see how much more you can learn when language is brought to life using spontaneous communication, pictures,  humour, written text and explanations.

You have to focus on French grammar for a degree or need to receive support up to matric level.  we will adapt to your needs and will have it all to make you understand what you thought was impossible to understand!

The children’s course has been designed for children between the ages of 9 and 12. It has been created specifically to keep them alert and attending willingly for one hour. They will learn grammar together with conversation, without noticing it!

French express applies to individual or companions only. It will make your holiday to French speaking countries so much more enjoyable! 6 hours of French express will help you a lot. There is no demo lesson for French express but to experience it,  is usually to adopt it.