Other Courses
  • The Intermediate course:

is a great revision of the grammatical rules. With numerous  translation exercises, you will put into practice all that you need to know to be able to speak good French.  While the beginner course is focusing on the present tense, the intermediate course is focusing on the ” passé  composé ”  and the ” Futur ”  tenses. You will also learn how to use the passive form and the imperative mode. At the end of the course, you will have the feeling that you have reached a level that will allow you to say…. I am getting there!

  • The Refresher course:

is a preparation to the advanced course. Each lesson has a “grammatical” theme  which is applied in sentences given for oral translation. To translate these  sentences, students will also need to remember their beginner and intermediate courses. They will find out that there are different ways of saying the same thing, they will learn more vocabulary and expressions. It is a pure practice course. It is challenging, rewarding and fun!

  • The Advanced  course :  

is focusing on tenses such as the ” Imparfait “, the ” Conditionnel ” and the ” Subjonctif “. It goes as well into other tenses that are more academic.  Learning the different tenses would not help if you do not know how to use them or combine them  in a sentence. Numerous exercises will demonstrate how they are used in everyday conversation or in written style. This course is the final touch for those who decided to become really fluent or who need to write French exams.

  • Tout sur les pronoms :

Pronouns  are certainly a challenge even for very advanced learners.  This course consists of 8 lessons which will clarify all questions regarding the different pronouns : Pronoms personnels, pronoms démonstratifs, pronoms possessifs, pronoms relatifs, pronoms interrogatifs, pronoms indéfinis.

  • Les verbes pronomimaux :

What a pleasure to finally understand when and how to use them in 3 lessons